How We Do It

How We Do It

We at Ken Kinard & Co. know that no two construction projects are exactly alike.

With over 40 years of experience, we have developed a well-rounded approach we use to plan and execute every project with the same level of care and dedication regarding its budget, schedule, safety and quality. We know that your project will be unique in various ways and we will approach it with the utmost respect and integrity from Day 1.

How We Approach Every Project

Schedule Fulfillment

To us, we ultimately consider a project that was completed outside of its scheduled time-frame a failure. Your needs are our highest priority, and completing your project on time is of utmost importance to us, and it always will be.

Quality Control

Once a project is completed under budget and on schedule, if things start going wrong as soon as we finish up, then we ultimately have done you as our clients a disservice. We do things the right way from the very start, every single time.

Budget Adherence

Our aim is to provide every single client with the most realistic and accurate estimates, and once a project's budget has been finalized, to simply stick to it. Respecting our clients is hugely important to us, and we believe this is Step 1 in doing just that.

Integrity & Safety

We strive to give everyone the same level of respect and honesty in all that we do. This means as we go from concept to completion with your project, we treat you and your clients with fairness and ensure that the worksite is a safe one for everyone.

Choosing a General Contractor is not always an easy task.

Ken Kinard & Co. feels that it is extremely important to listen carefully to a client's needs and wishes. Our ultimate goal with any undertaking is to partner with our clients to plan, execute and complete your next project as easy and affordably as possible without ever sacrificing quality or integrity.